How to Create a Business Manager Account

Did you know that Facebook has a Business Manager account which allows businesses to manage, control, and share their add accounts, pages, and other assets in one page? Business Manager makes running a business organized and easy. Creating an account is fast and simple. Follow the steps below to start a Business Manager account. Step…


Are you running a business or a promotion?

#ThursdayMarketingLesson It’s funny how what once seemed extraordinary become the norm.. I spent some time looking through current campaigns for our fitness clients this morning. Each of them has had well over 100 people saying they wanted to try their services out in the last couple of weeks. As of just now, had a conversation…


Market Research – The Essentials

Revealed: The 7 essential questions you need to ask before you write any sales copy In business – and in life – we have a finite number of hours in the day and a limit to the attention that we can give any number of things at one time. When it comes to writing effective sales…

outbound email marketing

Outbound Email Marketing Workshop

Roddy Gibbs from SellHack covers everything you need to know to start creating highly effective cold email campaigns. Here’s what you’ll learn: Why smaller business can and should try these techniques What to do with the leads/automated email campaigns Example campaign structure. Where to find leads/identifying prospects/ using tools to find prospects How to write…


Copywriting Essentials for Lead Generation Campaigns

In this article we’ll be discussing the basics of how to structure your offer in order to get a response from your prospects (response meaning to take the action of either buying your product service or providing you with their contact information) First a few core principles of direct response With direct response advertising, you need…

stopandthinkfeatured image

Stop… and think (this could be the best thing you do for your business in 2016)

Here’s a thought… STOP If you’re in business, stop chasing after the next method, the next productivity ‘hack’, the next gooooroooo launch. Just stop and think. Is what I’m about to do going to be beneficial for me AND my prospects/customers in the long run? I seriously fear people have lost the idea to think…

pixels explained

Facebook Pixels Explained

Ok so I’ve realised some people are still getting confused about Facebook’s pixels… Thought I’d write a quick post to help explain them a bit better. Firstly there’s two types of pixels 1. Event Pixels 2. Audience Pixels Event pixels are used to track events that happen on your webpages. e.g if someone opts in…


Facebook Custom Audiences (Retargeting)

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Professional Broadcasting Setup (using facebook live)

Ok so after my stream the other day it’s no surprise that I’ve had a barrage of messages, texts and email asking how the hell I managed to do that… Rather than spending the next 6 months replying, thought it might be easier to do a post showing you all how it’s done step by…

Google Tag Manager Header

Guide to Google Tag Manager Setup