Cyber Security Advice for Small Business Owners

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How to get Franchisee Leads

At the time of publishing this video the funnel was producing 500 leads p/month. For a franchise that sold on average $35k to each new person that came on board.

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Marketing a SAAS Business

SaaS Business Model Success Overview: 80% of the results that you’ll get in growing your SAAS user base comes from understanding your customer needs and wants and creating habits associated with using your application. The way we gather this information is through asking them and measuring the data that we collect based on their behaviours.…

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Hacking the brain to form habits

It’s somewhat of a paradox how simple we as humans can be when our brains are soo complex. Take for example the nature of creating habits… In order to do that one must engage in said activity religiously until it becomes second. The same applies for becoming ‘talented’. What from the outsiders perspective may look…

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Content required for creating a website

Content required for creating a website. Sadly most websites are built without a clear plan and without considering the needs of the intended audience. This short guide shows you the right way to plan your websites content.   Websites serve as your digital storefront, they’re the first impression your potential customers get before deciding whether…

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