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Marketing a SAAS Business

SaaS Business Model Success Overview: 80% of the results that you’ll get in growing your SAAS user base comes from understanding your customer needs and wants and creating habits associated with using your application. The way we gather this information is through asking them and measuring the data that we collect based on their behaviours.…


7 marketing formulas that are essential to the long term success of your business

For some strange reason, many businesses and marketers are operating blind….. meaning they have no idea what’s really going on in their business and those of their clients. In fact Nine out of ten (90%) global marketers are not trained to calculate return on investment (ROI), and 80% struggle with being able to properly demonstrate…


How-To Generate Beauty Salon Leads For $3 Each Using Facebook Ads [Case Study]

In this case study I’m going to share the exact campaign that we used to generate $3 leads for The Eyebrow Specialists. So if you want to learn how to use Facebook and smart advertising to grow your Beauty Salon then this is for you!   Part 1: Start With A Great Offer One of the main things I…


Hacking the brain to form habits

It’s somewhat of a paradox how simple we as humans can be when our brains are soo complex. Take for example the nature of creating habits… In order to do that one must engage in said activity religiously until it becomes second. The same applies for becoming ‘talented’. What from the outsiders perspective may look…


Content required for creating a website

Content required for creating a website. Sadly most websites are built without a clear plan and without considering the needs of the intended audience. This short guide shows you the right way to plan your websites content.   Websites serve as your digital storefront, they’re the first impression your potential customers get before deciding whether…


6 things most web designers don’t know that  are silently killing your chances of online success.

6 things most web designers don’t know that  are silently killing your chances of online success.   Problem: The majority of web designers are JUST designers… i.e they’ll take exactly what you tell them and create a pretty picture with it. Solution: Start with your end user in mind. (Visitor Avatar) and build your website…


Are you even marketing to the right people?

The success or failure of any marketing campaign  comes down primarily to two things.   Who you are advertising to The offer that you present them   In this article  we will examine number one. In the Marketing world we call this target audience  selection.   So how do you select the correct Target audience?…


Principles to live by

The funny thing about life is it doesn’t come with a guide book, as people we generally grow up with a certain set of beliefs some from our parents, others from the environment around us. But rarely do we stop to question these operating principals. For me personally, the journey to becoming a man in…


WTAF is local seo for small businesses ???

Truth be told until recently I had no idea what SEO was. I mean I understood a few things like relevancy and links and other jargon that the techheads use but in all honesty it didn’t fully click. I’d generally put it in the too hard basket or refer to friends who mastered this dark art.…


How to Create a Business Manager Account

Did you know that Facebook has a Business Manager account which allows businesses to manage, control, and share their add accounts, pages, and other assets in one page? Business Manager makes running a business organized and easy. Creating an account is fast and simple. Follow the steps below to start a Business Manager account. Step…