How to get Franchisee Leads

At the time of publishing this video the funnel was producing 500 leads p/month. For a franchise that sold on average $35k to each new person that came on board.

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Facebook Pixels Explained

Ok so I’ve realised some people are still getting confused about Facebook’s pixels… Thought I’d write a quick post to help explain them a bit better. Firstly there’s two types of pixels 1. Event Pixels 2. Audience Pixels Event pixels are used to track events that happen on your webpages. e.g if someone opts in…

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11 commandments of facebook compliance

One of the biggest pain points of advertisers I’ve found is making sure they stay on the good side of big blue (Facebook) and Google. This video although created specifically for facebook compliance covers many of the things ole Google wants you to do as well. It’s quite short at 3 mins, and will save…

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