Karen Brook – The Proctor Gallagher Institutes Method for Unlocking Human Potential

Erik Stafford – From Corporate Ad Man to Online Marketing Pro

Mukesh M. Patel – Private equity, angel investments, business law and education

Corey Johnson – Personal Branding

Matt Manero – Zero to $100M and beyond

James Klobassa – Helping experts monetise their knowledge

AJ Mirzhad – Showing personal training how to grow their online business

Lukas Resheske – Researching for writing your copy

Pauline Longdon – Conscious Copywriting

Kathryn Edmonds

Sarah Cordiner – Education Consulting and Packing Knowledge for Online Training

Conversion Rate Optimisation with Justin Christianson

Austin Iuliano – Storytelling for business

Jeff Moore – Growing an 8 figure seafood business

Cherie Aimee – Near Death Survivor

Jason Akatiff – Multiple 8 Figure Ecommerce & Event Businesses

Bond Halbert – Editing secrets of the great copywriters

Shock & Awe – How an Aussie surfer discovered the world of direct mail

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$50M + In Supplement Sales – Ed O’Keefe shares his journey to becoming a timecollapser

Subscribe on Itunes Ed O’Keefe is a father of 7, serial entrepreneur with a string of successes under his belt including a supplement business which has made as much as $26M in a single year. In this episode we discuss his entrepreneurial journey, balancing family life and the art of time collapsing. Resources Mentioned: Claim…

True Memoirs of a serial entrepreneur

Setting up online payments

Guest Expert – Dan DeWitte In this show we’ll be teaching you how to: – set up your products and services using a cool new software – Activerelay – hooking up with your Email Service Provider (ActiveCampaign) – Putting together some cool email automations – and much more… Skip to 8 mins in to pass…

Kul Mahay

Regan Hillyer – Million Dollar Coaching Business

Justin Turpin – NLP

Amber Renae – Presenting like a pro

Alan Stevens – Facial Profiling

Kenrick Cleveland – One of the original NLP trainers who translated it from therapeutic practice to business

Jeff Nemeth – Maximum results in minimum time with your fitness

Tony Grebmeier