Nathan Resnick – Connecting Business Owners to Manufacturers

Remember the FU suits That Conor McGregor wore?

Well I had a chance to speak to an entrepreneur who capitalised on the buzz surrounding those suits and flexed his manufacturing capability in doing so…

Within a week, Nathan Resnick created, manufactured and started selling replicas of these suits.

Although not his core business which is a company that helps entrepreneurs connect with vetted manufacturers it was definitely a testament to what he can do…

After spending 7 years in China as a foreign exchange student he got excited by the opportunities that building relationships with Chinese manufacturers opened up.

Taryn Williams

Starting a new business is never easy.

Defying conventional thinking harder yet.

What Taryn Williams of WINK Models and theright.fit did is simple incredible.

At the age of 21 she started what is now one of Australia’s leading modelling agencies and has since started a 2 way global marketplace connected creative talent (models, photographers, etc) with brands.