Tracking Infusionsoft Order Forms in Google Analytics

We’ll be looking at tracking Infusionsoft order forms via e-commerce tracking feature of google analytics.

GTM would be used for the setup process.

Here are some important prerequisites:

  • Make sure analytics tracking is turned on in View > E-commerce settings
  • GTM Code is installed on all pages of the site.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • E-commerce Transaction Data in Google Analytics
  • No Duplicate Tracking of order IDs 

The code to prevent duplicate tracking was inspired from here.

You’ll be ready in no time. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Infusionsoft E-commerce Tracking Code Setup in GTM
  • Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tag
  • Infusionsoft Order Form Setup

Infusionsoft E-commerce Tracking Code Setup in GTM

  • Create Custom Variables of type URL > Select Query & type ‘orderId’. (make sure you use the right capitalisation here!)












  • Create a new Custom HTML tag & paste the following code.













Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tag

  • Create Google Analytics Tag with Type ‘Transaction’












  • Trigger the above tag with a custom event named ‘transaction_success‘.

Infusionsoft Order Form Setup


  • Go To E-commerce > E-commerce Setup > Order Forms.

  • Create an order form or open the once created.
  • Here, you can include any number of products. The only thing to check here is quantity should be 1 for each product & user should not be able to change the quantity.

  • In Thank you page tab, make sure to use the thankyou page on your domain.
  • Now most important part. When you paste your thankyou page URL, include the ‘productName& ‘price’ parameter.

    Eg: If you have a single product ‘ProductA’ for price 100. 

    Thankyou Page URL: If you have 2 products ‘ProductA’ & ‘ProductB’ for price 100 & 120 respectively.
    Thankyou Page URL:,ProductB&price=100,120
    & so on…..
  • You can replace the ‘ProductA’& ‘ProductB’ with any name you like. The same will appear as the product name in google analytics.
  • Lastly, check the option “Pass contact’s information to the Thank You Page”.


    • Make sure you have products with the single quantity which cannot be changed by users.
    • Also, in Google Analytics, the e-commerce settings in the view should be turned on.
    • You should use the Thankyou page URL on your domain instead of infusionsoft’s.

    Let me know if you implement it successfully or face any issues.


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